An Outstanding Romm Trio Performance

I am very pleased to be able to recommend the Romm Trio as an excellent addition to any concert series.  The Trio consists of Ronald Romm, his wife Avis and their son Aaron.  This is the third engagement of the Ronald and Avis at LCCCA since 2000.  The addition of their son in the most recent concert on November 22, 2014 was most delightful:  The audience saw a family enjoying making great music together with genuine pride, love and respect for each other.  The group of two trumpets and piano is unique and provided interest and expectations, which were not disappointed.

The Romm Trio performance was outstanding and I received many complimentary remarks as president for bringing in such fine artists!  They played pieces from a wide selection of composers, both classical and contemporary, which were exquisitely arranged for trumpet and piano, and played with the finesse expected from the superb artists that they are.  The Romms had a wonderfully warm interaction with the audience as they explained their musical selections. They also had a very “educational” question and answer segment in the program that elicited questions of significance to which they provided profound answers, which again demonstrated their competence as artists.  The Romms are also very willing to include an educational clinic for aspiring brass musicians as part of their concert engagement..

The Romm Trio are the type of artists that our concert association truly enjoys.  Many of our patrons remark that they want to have them back.  Although repeat engagements of artists in our association are not frequent, they also do occur from time to time.  The Romms have been with LCCCA three times in the past, and a fourth engagement, again as a trio, will definitely be under consideration for future seasons.

Adrian Spronk,

President, Lake County Community Concert Association, Lake County, Illinois.